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You Can Trust Your Child to the Care of The Banyan

When you trust your child to the care of The Banyan, You need to know that this home away from home is the best you can provide! The Banyan corporate is synonym to best corporate day care in India and it provides workplace services for the employers and their employees families in India. It is a place where parents can leave their children in professional, loving, and caring hands.

The Banyan has grown since 2003 and has Corporate Day Care’s in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Karnataka. We continue to advance in the field of childcare and aim to support more families as we grow. We cater to children from as early as 3 months old to 12 years. We also provide afterschool programmes for older children and conduct summer and winter camps to keep the kids occupied. We make learning fun while the parents are away at work.

We partner with organisations and provide end to end child care and day care services.


Benefits of corporate day care

  • Staff retention
  • Builds loyalty
  • Enhance Corporate brand image
  • Improve staff efficiency and output
  • Attract better talent
  • Decrease absenteeism
  • Compliance with govt. policies and laws
  • Achieve diversity targets
  • Mitigates the need for child related sabbatical
  • Better staff motivation and commitment

Models Available

  • On-site day care Centre in the corporate premises managed by The Banyan
  • Customized model as per the requirement
  • Day care centre located in the Company Guest House and managed by The Banyan
  • Off-site day care centre with organisational tie ups managed by The Banyan

Our Corporate Clients

The Banyan has partnered with the biggest Corporates, and provides the best services to each one of them.


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