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  • Mr. S.K. Jain (Chairman)

    Best Entertainment & Best Group

    A first entrepreneur and a visionary, he is the inspiration behind this academy.

  • Mr. Nitesh Jain (CEO)

    Best Entertainment Pvt. Ltd

    A management graduate from UK, he is highly skilled in applications. Heavily oriented towards customer satisfaction, he belivesthe company must deliver its promises. He constantly tries to be different and strives for excellence

  • Mrs. Swati Jain (Director)

    Best Entertainment Pvt. Ltd

    A management graduate, Swati is the force behind the academys well-rounded curriculum. Her honours in Psychology enables her to analyse each activity from a childs perspective and modify it as per his requirements. With her charming personality and pleasing demeanour, she has been able to win the confidence of the parents and the children.

  • Shweta Khanna (COO)

    A business professional with strong academic background and over 20 years of experience across educational verticals, she endeavours to administer The Banyan processes and people management seamlessly across corporate cultures.

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