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The Modern Day Father- Changing Roles And Responsibilities Of Fathers Over Time

18 June 2021

Fathers have come a long way from their traditional role as the “breadwinner”, and are now a lot more than just that. The modern dad is more proactive, sensitive and engaged with the matters of the upbringing of their children. Let`s see how the role of father has evolved over time.

Years ago no one used to blink twice at... Read More

Fostering Emotional And Social Growth In Children

8 June 2021

Emotional and Social growth in children means- starting to understand and identify “self”, identifying one`s own feelings, and beginning to understand the dynamics of social interactions.

It is a very important aspect in a child`s life, as it forms the basis for healthy relationships for his/her entire life ahead. It also... Read More

How-Tos For Childcare During The Pandemic

29 May 2021

The second wave of the corona virus pandemic is wreacking havoc in our country right now. Childcare has become immensely difficult during this time. It has become a challenge for parents everywhere to keep their children healthy as well mentally and emotionally stable.

There are three highlighting concerns regarding childcare during... Read More

Learning Through Play - Some Brilliant Tips To Help You To Be The Best Moms And Dads!

13 May 2021

Children learn through play and practical action. They develop cognitive skills such as-

1) problem solving through simple activities like packing the bag

2) math through accompanying you to the shop and helping you count money

3) Creative Thinking through trying different forms of art styles

4) Social skills by... Read More

How To Help Kids Inculcate Self-Love?

17 April 2021

Self-love is an essential ingredient for a happy mindset and consequently for a happy life!

It means accepting our emotions for what they are; putting our mental, physical and emotional well-being first; having a healthy self-image; and making self-nurturing choices in life.

The mental and emotional frameworks our children... Read More

How to Choose The Right Daycare for Your Child Post Covid?

12 April 2021

Choosing the right daycare centre for your child is a very important and rigorous decision to make, especially post the covid crisis. A daycare is not only a place where a child can pass some time when you are away, but it can be central to the overall development of the child- from academics to ethics and values.

So how do you choose... Read More

The Value of Face-To-Face Learning

17 March 2021

Children have been getting used to interacting with the world through screens in this past 1 year. But, with the world finally starting to reopen, we can soon expect kids to go back to face-to-face learning.

In this blog, we talk about the benefits of face-to-face learning. Also, at the end of the blog, you will find some useful tips... Read More

How Is The Banyan Ensuring Your Child’s Safe Return To The Daycare Life?

11 March 2021

The Banyan Daycare centres had been closed for offline services for the most of the year- 2020, due to safety concerns ignited by the Covid 19 crisis.

But as offices have begun to reopen, we too have decided to open our daycares soon, so as to help working parents strike the perfect balance between successful careers and utmost care for... Read More

How to make Republic Day Memorable for Kids?

22 January 2021

Republic Day is celebrated every year on 26th January to mark the anniversary of the date on which the Indian Constitution came into effect, which was on 26th January, 1950.

The day is a symbol and a reminder of the dense struggle that our forefathers went through to make India a sovereign nation. It is not only important that our... Read More

How to have a joy-filled time with kids this New Year`s Eve?

29 December 2020

New Year`s Eve is a time for celebration, saying goodbye to the old, and looking forward to new, joyous times! In fact, a good New Year`s Eve is one where we already start creating the happy memories.

The fun and frolic of the evening makes it especially enjoyable for kids. However, with a global pandemic going on, we are left with... Read More

How to make Christmas special for kids at home during Covid?

24 December 2020

Christmas is the festival of sharing joy, spreading merry and coming together with loved ones. The walk around the city surrounded by festive light decorations, attending fairs, dining out to eat exotic Christmas-special meals, telling your wishes to make-do Santa Clauses- Christmas is especially fun for kids.

This Christmas is going to... Read More

Struggling to Increase Your Child`s Short Attention Span?

13 November 2020

“Can somebody tell me how to get my child to sit in a single place for a few straight minutes?”

This or a variation of this is a very common problem faced in households brimming with the uncontrollable energy of young children. Children are generally known to be a bundle of endless energy and low on focus. Even as... Read More

Making Online Learning Work for The Young Ones

9 November 2020

Yes, it`s possible! Here`s how...

“Under the shadow of Covid-19, the lives of millions of children have temporarily shrunk to just their homes and their screens. We must help them navigate this new reality.”

- Henrietta Fore, Executive Director, UNICEF (as quoted in an official press statement on 15th April... Read More

5 Ways to Keeping Family Bonding and Festive Celebrations Alive in Times of Social Distancing

25 October 2020

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” -Eleanor Roosevelt

Never before we`ve experienced the distance from our loved ones as we`ve this year. The year of a global pandemic has made us realize many truths of life that were going ignored in the hectic pace of modern urban life earlier. And one such truth is how much our... Read More

Celebrating the Spirit of Dussehra

20 October 2020

“Good must triumph over evil. It usually does in life and in any case it is bad for young people to believe it doesn’t.” -Barbara Cartland

The themes of good prevailing over bad are as old as it gets. Crossing over the boundaries of geographies, races, ethnicities and even cultures shaped over... Read More

Meaningful Education For A Wholesome Tomorrow For Your Young One: Learning Beyond School

5 October 2020

What really is the purpose of education? And is our current school pedagogy enabled to deliver it?

 J. Krishnamurti, the world-renowned Indian philosopher and religious teacher has said - “Teaching is not the mere imparting of knowledge but the cultivation of an inquiring mind.”

Since a long enough time, it... Read More

Why Online Learning is A Good Idea for your Kindergartner and How you can Help in Making it a Success

26 September 2020

“All technology is not the same, all media is not the same. There`s consumption, and there`s creation, and there`s communication.” – Dr. Ari Brown, Chair of the AAP Committee

The covid-19 crisis has brought upon an all-pervasive wave of changes across most aspects of our lives. This is an especially confusing... Read More

How Do Kids Learn Best?

22 September 2020

Young children possess an expansive stretch for learning, and it is important that we as caregivers create the most encouraging environment to support and boost this gift. We are indeed our children`s first teachers and will remain in this key role for as long as the child remains directly under our wings, which is going to be for a long... Read More

Active Screen Time for Children

5 August 2020

In today`s times, with children locked up at home, parents working from home, excessive screen time has become a rising concern. Read on to learn some tips which can help overall development in these challenging times.

One can`t deny the fact that with the advent of COVID-19, we have learned to live with a `new` normal, a normal that... Read More

Developing Learning and Early Communication in Young Kids

29 July 2020

We all know one or the other kid who struggles to speak confidently, correctly at an appropriate age. While we enjoy the cute ramblings, it can be a matter of great concern for the parents. Sometimes, these are developmental delays and sometimes the kid`s personal choice. While anxiety associated with one`s child`s communication delays is... Read More

What can a course in Early Childhood Education teach you?

8 July 2020

Remember your child`s worst-ever so-called tantrum. Even though it`s the most common situation that parents face, the only solution we can think of is screaming and yelling. Not that we want to, but for the lack of a better solution, that`s the reaction we often give. It`s mainly because we don`t know what happens inside of a child`s brain,... Read More

Parenting In COVID Time

26 June 2020

COVID-19, NOVEL CORONAVIRUS! Novel…the word itself means ‘new, original…something hitherto unheard of, unprecedented! How to brave something that has never been tackled earlier? For moms who have been used to sending their children to school, this is turning out to be a very, very long summer holiday. For the parents who... Read More

Learning with Fun - The New Paradigm

24 June 2020

COVID-19 has genuinely changed how we live in every single way. A few months back, we were all debating whether screen time is good or not and how much screen time is advisable. And today, we are grappling with excessive screen time becoming a reality. Children have been using the screen for entertainment, but using it for curriculum-based... Read More

How to Keep the Chills Away

Winters can be a crazy time for all of us, especially kids. Skin care is just the tip of the iceberg. As far as skin care is concerned, including a mustard oil massage after a bath can be especially healthy for the skin. But, besides skincare, this time can be tricky because of the viruses spread easily during winters. This can give rise to... Read More

How to Get Your Kids to Listen Without Yelling?

If you are a parent, you know the agony of getting your child to listen. We all know that a small gentle request can very quickly take the form of yelling and protest. What`s important to understand is that our children are not trying to question our authority, it doesn`t help to make it a power struggle. They just have too much on their mind... Read More

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